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The LeakChek Pro™ automated leak down tester allows quick and easy testing of cylinder heads, assembled engines and transmission clutch packs and bands using onscreen prompts to walk you through every step. After testing, a certification form with the test results can be printed for you and your customer's records.



Pay-Per-Use Program

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By using the LeakChek Pro, you can--
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LeakChek Pro
certify your results with a printed report
test cylinder heads and assembled engines
check valves, seats, rings and head gaskets
test cylinder heads in your valve and seat machine
guarantee your accuracy and reliability
test transmission clutches in the vehicle
eliminate human error
reduce your comebacks to near zero




"We have been using the LeakChek Pro for more than two years and it has increased our bottom line significantly. We perform a billable pre-machining diagnostic test that often leads to more work and our comebacks have dropped to near-zero. Our customers know that we are a quality shop using the most-current equipment."

Art Gonzales, Pro-Mach, National City, CA



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